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Event Recap: VDA-Digital Member Briefing

The most recent Member Briefing session hosted by the VDA-Digital Alliance provided an opportunity for members to be informed on latest developments with the Defence Innovation Hub, Defence's plans for further investment in Trusted Autonomous Systems and the work of the the Oceania Cyber Security Centre (OCSC). 

The OCSC is a collaboration of eight Victorian Universities supported by the Victorian Government, with the broad aim of engaging with industry to develop research and training opportunities for dealing with cyber security issues, providing advice on current and future security threats, developing new technology and creating commercialisation opportunities.

The event also included a number of introductions to new and long-standing members of the Alliance alike.

A number of presentations from the event are available:

Defence Innovation Hub - Benjamin Hayes

Meet the Member Quadcharts - AFL Australia, PHM, YTEK and Systra

Cooperative Research Centre - Trusted Autonomous Systems - Jason Scholz