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We are forwarding an exciting opportunity in the space of encouraging youth participation in STEM.

AIR4 is hosting a series of events that are themed around encouraging problem solving, imagination and creativity in STEM pursuits for young people, especially girls. The first of these events, dubbed AIR4 Life, will be held on the 21st-22nd of November at Luna Park, Melbourne. It will be a free event that will host around 700 female students between years 6 to 10 and a large number of teachers.

AIR4 is seeking interested professionals, researchers and students (undergraduate or postgraduate) in the STEM space to volunteer as a Mentor for the high school youth in this event in order to promote AIR4’s ideals regarding STEM pursuits. Mentors will talk to groups of the girls, demonstrate their pursuits and attempt to instil a passion and optimism regarding the STEM space to these potential future researchers and professionals.

If you are interested in participating as a Mentor, please register here on the Register Now link.

If you would like further information, please visit here