Digital News

Mark Raphael

It’s been a busy and encouraging start to the year for the Victorian Defence Alliances, with a number of significant events and the opportunity to welcome new members. Every new member brings unique capabilities, opening up potential collaboration opportunities and building on our claim to represent a capable and diverse defence industry sector here in Victoria.

In February the Alliances hosted an informative session on the potential Industry 4.0 breakthroughs for SMEs and the transformative opportunities that are increasingly becoming a reality with digitisation and automation.  Hosted by RMIT and led by Mark Raphael, the event included presentations from Colin Gudgeon of General ElectricDMTC CEO Mark Hodge and Steve Dowey representing Sutton Tools.

The 2017 Australian International Airshow provided an excellent opportunity to promote the capabilities of the Victorian Defence Alliance - Digital members. Thank you to all members who contributed. Attached is a soft copy version of the Directory if you would like to download it.

ADM Cyber Conference

ADM Report: Cyber Still Lacks Direction

Katherine Ziesing | Canberra

There were three clear themes that emerged from the ADM Cyber Security Summit year: the overarching strategic research framework into cyber is unclear; insider threats are huge; and finding/growing cyber warriors is a big challenge. To download the full report by Australian Defence Magazine please register / log in and then click "read more" below.