Land Systems

iRubber Pty Ltd

42A Broadway, Bonbeach, VIC 3196

Legal Name: iRubber Pty Ltd ATF Dalsouple Trust

ABN: 47435503966

Tel: 0423621692


Primary Contact

Murray Gardner,CEO

Tel: +61 3 9773 9933

Mobile: +61 (0) 423 621 692


  • Supplying anti-static Staticworx Eclipse rubber flooring ANSI 20:20 for electronic areas and clean rooms
  • Supplying anti-static Staticworx Ameriworx vinyl flooring ANSI 20:20 for electronic areas and clean rooms


  • Engaged by Austal Ships and Norship Marine to supply Australian Royal Navy vessels - Armidale classes
  • Staticworx ESD Eclipse rubber is the preferred flooring of choice with US military
  • Rapid response to supply demands- 7 days
  • Established company in Australia for over 10 years
  • Suppliers of ESD to Vic Police HQ Training Academy
  • Used by national data centres for static protection and preventing data loss
  • Highly informative website at
  • Proven track record for service and reliability for delivering the right product with JIT methodology

Key Partners

  • Staticworx Inc
  • Roppe Corp
  • Dalsouple (France)
  • REMP (Italy)

Key Customers

  • Austal Ships
  • Agilent Technologies Data Centre
  • Olympus Cameras
  • Equinix Data Centre

Quality Approvals & Awards

  • ISO 9001:14