Phasor Innovation

155 Straws Lane, Hesket, VIC 3442

Legal Name: Phasor Innovation Pty Ltd

ABN: 47613995458

Tel: +61 (0) 472 685 860


Primary Contact

Adam Silvester,Managing Director

Tel: +61 (0) 472 685 860

Mobile: +61 (0) 472 685 860


  • Radio Frequency engineering design, analysis, testing, modelling and simulation
  • Radiation Hazard safety assessments for personnel, ordnance and fuels to Australian and international standards
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility engineering design and analysis to commercial and military standards
  • EW and CIED FP ECM engineering design, analysis, modelling and simulation
  • Antenna design, modelling, testing and optimisation for platforms
  • Radio Communications, Radar and Phased Array engineering consultation services


  • Experts providing Radio Frequency specialist engineering for Defence and civilian organisations
  • Experienced senior engineers and technical staff with over 35 years solving a diverse range of problems
  • Proven track record supporting CASG, Defence Industry Prime Contractors and Major Service Providers
  • Advanced Computational Electromagnetics Modelling (CEM) and Simulation tools
  • Radio Frequency laboratory for testing and measurements up to 50 GHz

Key Customers

  • Department of Defence (CASG)
  • Defence Industry Prime Contractors
  • Defence Industry Major Service Providers