15 Little Bakers Lane, Northcote, VIC 3070

Legal Name: Arcitecta Pty Ltd

ABN: 8308599608

Tel: +61 3 9029 3437


Primary Contact

Jason Lohrey,CTO

Tel: +61 3 9029 3437

Mobile: +61 3 9029 3437


  • Enterprise-scale disparate data management architectures and design, software (Mediaflux) and associated services
  • Support on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments with online and intelligent air-gapped replication models
  • Supports any data and metadata format with rules driven ingest/export and management of distributed storage pools
  • Provides synthetic SMB & NFS file-systems, as well as S3, SFTP, OpenSearch, Esri REST and OGC Services
  • Geospatial data and raster imagery (GeoTIFF, GeoPDF, JP2, DG, Airbus, NITF, CIB, DPPDB, KML, GeoJSON, Esri, OGC)
  • Time Series support for MovINT C2ISR (STANAG 4609, ST 0601), gMTI STANAG 4609, AIS and ADS-B tracks
  • Powerful spatial/meta query allowing analysis of massive time-series holdings answering key intelligence questions
  • Extensible plugin framework supports new services, APIs, workflows, network protocols and storage systems


  • Founded in 2001, Arcitecta has a proven track record in complex systems integration
  • Arcitecta’s corporate footprint includes Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Colorado, Boston and France
  • Mediaflux is Australian IP constructed from first principles in Victoria by skilled engineers
  • Trusted by Australian Defence, Digital Globe, Novartis, Cambridge, Harvard, Healthcare, Genomics & Life Sciences
  • Arcitecta provide consulting and engineering resources with AGSVA clearances, including PV
  • Mediaflux is actively deployed in Defence networks of all classification tiers and over a decade in TS environment
  • Arcitecta works with and actively recruits from Victorian universities

Key Partners

  • Arcitecta Inc (US)
  • DST Group
  • HPe
  • Myriad Technologies

Key Customers

  • Australian Defence
  • Digital Globe
  • Novartis
  • University of Melbourne