Land Systems

Land Systems


120 Moe-Walhalla Road, Moe, VIC 3825

Legal Name: Chets Professional Services Pty Ltd


Tel: +61 3 5127 6128


Primary Contact

Chet Cline,Director

Tel: +61 3 5127 6128



  • Central Tyre Inflation Systems for all vehicles
  • External Central Tyre Inflation
  • Internal Central Tyre Inflation


  • AIR CTI is Australian Made
  • AIR CTI makes the best external CTI
  • AIR CTI has international connections to provide any CTI requirements.

Key Partners

  • AIR CTI works with many international companys
  • AIR CTI has many friends in many industries
  • AIR CTI has dealers all over Australia

Key Customers

  • AIR CTI supplies CTI throughout Australia
  • AIR CTI is available through any Paccar dist.
  • AIR CTI exports to many countries

Quality Approvals & Awards

  • AIR CTI uses internal quality systems
  • AIR CTI concentrates on customers first