Alongside Business Consulting

9 Jersey Rd, Bayswater, VIC 3153

Legal Name: Alongside Business Consulting

ABN: 97 124 867 803

Tel: +61 402 507 394


Primary Contact

Matthew Benn,Managing Partner

Tel: +61 402 507 394

Mobile: +61 402 507 394


  • Sales Pitch Preparation for approaching Primes or Defence
  • Competitive Advantage Gaps Analysis. Market, Competitor and Business Analyses to help you identify how to win more
  • Competitive Advantage Coaching to help you develop a sustainable advantage in your business
  • Establishing Marketing frameworks and systems to make your marketing and sales work efficiently and effectively
  • Marketing. Physical and digital media marketing. Email, SEO, Social Advertising and Promotion
  • Website and social media optimisation, to enable web-presence to be a useful tool for generating sales
  • Sales Consulting. We setup sales plans, channels to market, sales processes to help you sell more, more often
  • Training and Coaching for all staff, reception to CEO. Everyone needs to be telling the same story, to sell well


  • We have been in big business as leaders and small business as owners, and therefore understand what it takes
  • We understand the frustrations of sales, have developed tools to overcome them, and we also help implement growth
  • There is no guess work. We put in place systems and processes to capture and analyse before implementation
  • We have a very flexible offering of consulting, training and marketing services. The best of Sales and Marketing
  • We work Alongside you as a sounding board, part of the team, Training, Coaching and implementing
  • We have been in Local & Internationally business, in the Defence & Commercial worlds

Key Customers

  • Monarch Institute
  • The Light fm
  • Urban Effects