Boron Molecular

500 Princes, Noble, Park 3174

Legal Name: Boron Molecular Pty Ltd

ABN: 76 092 480 674

Tel: 038558000


Primary Contact

Oliver Hutt,Director of Business Development

Tel: 038558000

Mobile: 0431197289


  • Hazardous chemical sourcing, storage and handling.
  • Hazardous chemical formulation up to 1000L/week.
  • Hazardous chemical reactions up to 1000L/week.
  • High-purity specialty fine chemical manufacture.
  • Chemical reactor design and engineering.


  • Proven track record of collaboration with public institutions and public/private technology companies.
  • Proven track record of IP management and licensing.
  • Demonstrated track record of successful technology commercialization.
  • Demonstrated track record as lead contractor on complex multiparty projects.
  • Demonstrated track record of delivering complex engineering projects to Defence primes.
  • Demonstrated track record of delivering complex advanced materials to Defence primes.
  • Full chemical service, from literature review to R&D proof-of-concept, pilot scale and commercial manufacture.

Key Partners

  • Kyung-In Synthetic Company

Key Customers

  • Boeing
  • DMTC

Quality Approvals & Awards

  • ISO 9001
  • Knowledge Commercialistion Aust. Award 2020