580 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Legal Name: Agent Oriented Software Pty Ltd

ABN: 98 078 321 589

Tel: +61 3 9349 5055


Primary Contact

Dr Andrew Lucas,Managing Director

Tel: +61 3 9349 5055



  • AOS is a world-leader in Artificial Intelligence, particularly autonomous systems development
  • iWD - Intelligent WatchDog, autonomously coordinates multiple unmanned surveillance systems on Land, Air & Sea
  • IBA - Intelligent Battlespace Advisor, autonomous support for Joint Situational Assessment & Resource Planning
  • Formidable Foes, autonomous targets for live fire training
  • TacSim - Tactical Simulation for Undersea Warfare, developed by AOS with DST
  • C-BDI - Reasoning Platform
  • CoJACK - Cognitive Architecture
  • JACK - Reasoning Platform


  • TacSim simulator used by DST Group to support the SEA1000 Program
  • Our products have proven track records in defence, simulation & training, and heavy industry
  • AOS’s intelligent agent software is the 1st product series worldwide based on the BDI model of human reasoning
  • CoJACK models variations in human behaviour making virtual actors in simulations more lifelike and realistic
  • C-BDI models intelligent decision-making for demanding, safety-critical applications

Key Partners

  • Australian Department of Defence
  • RMIT, Sydney & Melbourne Universities
  • Australian Road Research Board
  • Northrop Grumman

Key Customers

  • RAAF
  • UK Ministry of Defence
  • Equinor
  • Lockheed Martin Aero