521 Kooyong Road, Elsternwick, VIC 3185

Legal Name: Matrix

ABN: 91263499076

Tel: +61 (0) 418 316 484


Primary Contact

Malcolm Abell,Business Development Manager

Tel: +61 3 9596 0390

Mobile: +61 (0) 418 316 484


  • CAE for FEA Analysis, CFD analysis , Composite Structural Analysis
  • Configuration management software and implementation services for Aras Corp.
  • Aras PLM software for managing your digital thread
  • Blue Cielo software for engineering content management
  • Systems integrations using Aras Innovator as a central core system
  • PLM/PDM /Configuration Management software from ARAS, Corp/Accruent Meridian - Blue Cielo ECM software
  • ITAR control with Aras Innovator for life-cycle management
  • Composite structural analysis


  • Shock analysis for NZ Frigates
  • Composites analysis for Emirates America Cup Team NZ
  • Aras Innovator PLM deployments for defence contractors in the Land, Aerospace and digital space
  • ITAR control for life-cycle management for Aerospace defence prime
  • Composite structural analysis for helicopter engine housing
  • Change management/BOM management with Aras Innovator
  • MRO serial part tracking for upgrades over life of helicopters

Key Partners

  • Aras Corporation
  • Tedds
  • Accruent Meridian

Key Customers

  • EOS Defence Systems
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Rakon
  • NZ Defence Department