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Vappro Corrosion Control Australia Pty Ltd

6/23-25 Bunney Road, Oakleigh South, VIC 3167

Legal Name: Vappro Corrosion Control Australia Pty Ltd


Tel: +61 3 9558 2980


Primary Contact

Nigel Gordon,Director

Tel: +61 3 9558 2980



  • VAPPRO PRESERVATION SYSTEM: Preservation technology for military vehicles, equipment and weaponry
  • LUPROMAX-EA: is an anti-friction oil additive that achieves exceptional results even with total fluid loss.
  • VAPPRO CORROSION SOLUTIONS: offers a wide range of environmentally friendly VCI products tailored for defence.
  • VCI Gun Lubricants, automatic barrel cleaning, copper removal and preservation.
  • VCI diesel fuel additive to dissolve sludge and protect fuel system for 2 years.
  • VCI Film, paper, pouches for long term storage.
  • VCI emitters and sprays for protection of electrical equipment.
  • Anti-fungal lens coating.


  • Listed in NATO MCRL.
  • Patented products.
  • Technical expertise leading to strong product research and development.
  • Many products are unique in the industry.
  • Environmentally responsible (RoHS).
  • Cost effective, driving savings in maintenance, less replacement and through reduced wear and tear.
  • Testing facilities available for solving unique problems.

Key Partners

  • Magna International Pte Ltd

Key Customers

  • Singapore Navy: Lupromax-EA
  • Taiwan Defence: preservation of heavy vehicles
  • Advanced Warfare Destroyer: Void protection.
  • Schlumberger: preservation of land rigs.

Quality Approvals & Awards

  • Listed in NATO MCRL.
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
  • RoHS compliant.
  • Various global patents.