Land Systems


7 Hall Street, Lindenow, VIC 3865

Legal Name: G-Tech Communications


Tel: +61 3 5157 1203


Primary Contact

Trevor Small,General Manager

Tel: +61 3 5157 1203



  • ZCG specializes in the design and manufacture of communication antennas and RF accessories.
  • In house CAD design and testing enabling fast turn around for RF solutions and modifications to existing designs
  • ZCG has the capability to manufacture one off custom antennas to high volume production runs.
  • ZCG has the capability to built to print in small and large volumes.
  • ZCG has a comprehensive range of quality coaxial cable and connectors and accessories.
  • ZCG can offer a custom antenna design, testing and prototyping for all things RF.
  • ZCG has a full CNC Engineering workshop to offer custom tower / ship / pole mounting systems.
  • ZCG manufactures high quality jumper leads in small or large production runs with short lead times.


  • ZCG was established in 1970 and is still Australian owned and operated, with 45 years RF experience.
  • Our antennas are designed, manufactured and tested on site in rural Victoria Australia.
  • Design,Testing and production on one site ensures control of quality standards and deadlines.
  • Proven record of suppling high volume quantities of antennas for project Redwing on schedule.
  • Proven record of suppling high quality antennas to Broadcasters and Airport authorities throughout Australia.
  • Our antennas are the preferred choice when reliability and longevity are paramount.

Key Customers

  • Micreo Limited, Project Redwing
  • Broadcast Aust, Digital television re-stack.
  • Air Services Aust, UHF/Air-band airport upgrade
  • MT Data, Transport fleet tracking.