Applied Fasteners and Tooling Pty Ltd

100 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands, VIC 3008

Legal Name: Applied Fasteners and Tooling Pty Ltd

ABN: 30 168 616 439

Tel: +61 3 9939 8979


Primary Contact

Colin Campbell,General Manager

Tel: +61 3 9939 8979

Mobile: +61 (0) 498 610 566


  • Specialised Fastening systems and assembly tooling
  • Structural bonded fasteners and tooling
  • Threaded fasteners and Inserts an associated tooling
  • Blind fasteners and tooling
  • Specialised cutting tools and consumables
  • Temporary fasteners
  • Quick release pins and lanyards
  • Technical support and training


  • Defence programs are our core business
  • Our customers see us as a trusted source of information and support not normally offered by distributors
  • Through extensive consultation, customers have access to our vast assembly application experience
  • We understand the relationship between design, procurement, production and maintenance/repair
  • We offer technical support throughout the product life cycle
  • Certified in product training
  • We offer multiple solutions to maximise design options in addition to increasing assembly efficiency and safety
  • We are happy to collaborate with the industry to ensure the required positive outcome for our customers

Key Partners

  • Click Bond , Arconic , Monogram
  • Cherry Aerospace, Avibank
  • Lubbering, Centrix , Perfect Point
  • Zephyr Tool, Everede , JIFFY

Key Customers

  • Boeing, Airbus, BAE, Sikorsky, Jetstar,
  • Virgin, Airflite, Marand, Quickstep,
  • Lovitt Technologies, Supacat, Broens, Thales,
  • Aerosonde, Trakka

Quality Approvals & Awards

  • AS9120B, BAE, Airbus, Boeing
  • LMA-PK004
  • Department of Defence Cage Code Z0TF6
  • Factory approval for key manufacturers