Land Systems


153 Keys Road, Moorabbin, VIC 3189

Legal Name: Marand Precision Engineering PTY LTD


Tel: +61 3 8552 0600


Primary Contact

Alex Lyon,Business Development Manager

Tel: +61 3 8552 0600



  • Design, feasibility studies, specification writing, concept development
  • Manufacture, systems integration, prototype development, through life support
  • Complex Defence sub-assembly production
  • Complete turnkey production facilities set-up
  • Lay-up and assembly tooling for all metallic and carbon fibre composite assemblie
  • Liquid moulding tooling, resin injection and infusion systems
  • Highly efficient DC Electric motors/generators
  • Fatigue testing equipment & training devices


  • Australia's largest proven and trusted Aerospace Tooling, Automation, Robotics, and Systems Integrator
  • Designer and sole source manufacturer of the JSF F-35 Engine Removal and Installation Trailer
  • Strategic second source for the Joint Strike Fighter Vertical tail production
  • Largest Australian manufacturing supplier on F-35 program
  • Ability to successfully manage large and diverse supplychains on complex Defence projects
  • Awarded for success in completing complex technical transfer on Defence programs
  • Highly successful critical path Tier 1 tooling and facility supplier on international programs
  • Proven 'Best Value' solutions provider to international and local aerospace, defence & rail industries

Key Customers

  • Lockheed Martin (Source Acceptance Approval)
  • BAE Systems (Source Acceptance Approval)
  • Boeing
  • CEA Technologies

Quality Approvals & Awards

  • AS/EN 9100C / ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 170
  • 2014 - CIPS international procurement project of the year
  • 2014 - BAE UK- MAI procurement award best relationships award
  • 2014 Manufacturers monthly Endeavour award - Manufacturer of the year