Land Systems

Australian Automotive Research Centre

445 Gum Flats Road, Wensleydale, VIC 3241

Legal Name: Australian Automotive Research Centre

ABN: 24005325100

Tel: +61 3 5288 7306


Primary Contact

David Kelly,AARC Site Manager

Tel: +61 3 5288 7306

Mobile: +61 (0) 439 114 075


  • Provides an extensive range of automotive testing facilities to all vehicle and component manufacturers
  • Encompasses virtually all driving conditions found in Australia
  • 4WD tracks, Highway Circuit, Second Class Road, Australian Design Rules Circuit, Fording Bath, Rough Course & more
  • The Vehicle Validation Precinct provides facilities for truck/military vehicle testing to Land 400 specifications
  • Test component and vehicle durability, suspension development, braking and traction control systems
  • Test electronic stability systems, dust entry, cooling systems, chassis durability and water entry


  • The largest privately owned and independently operated automotive testing facility in Australia
  • Under jointly agreed conditions, clients can construct specific test sites to suit their development work
  • Ideal location for product launches, demonstrations and events
  • Expert on site team to help with testing needs

Key Partners

  • Linfox Australia

Key Customers

  • Thales
  • Rheinmetall-MAN
  • Bosch
  • Toyota

Quality Approvals & Awards

  • Land 400 specifications
  • Australian Design Rules