Aquila Engineering Pty Ltd

Level 1, 108 Raymond Street, Sale, VIC 3850

Legal Name: Aquila Engineering Pty Ltd


Tel: +61 3 5143 2185


Primary Contact

Ian Alt,Operations Manager

Tel: +61 3 5143 2185



  • Aerospace engineering including structures, avionics and systems design.
  • Weight and balance testing.
  • Program / Contract Management.
  • Preparation and/or evaluation of tender documentation.
  • Strain gauging and stress assessments.
  • Structural fatigue and damage tolerance assessments.


  • Aquila Engineering offices are close to our major customers in both Victoria and Western Australia.
  • Aquila Engineering staff are well trained and use modern software tools for advanced engineering simulation.
  • Our staff have extensive experience in the Defence environment and produce services iaw with ADF requirements.
  • Aquila Engineering staff have experience in both minor and major Defence acquisitions.

Key Partners

  • Hawker Pacific
  • Aerospace NDI Pty Ltd
  • Airflite Pty Ltd
  • Network Aviation

Key Customers

  • Pilatus Aircraft Ltd
  • CAS-SS Panel Service Provider
  • DST Group Re-SET Standing Offer Panel Member
  • Training Aircraft Systems Program Office

Quality Approvals & Awards

  • ISO 9001