C4 Engineering Pty Ltd

21 Victoria St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Legal Name: C4 Engineering Pty Ltd

ABN: 74618174726

Tel: +61 (0) 406 974 007


Primary Contact

Rick Doblanovic,Managing Director

Tel: +61 (0) 406 974 007



  • C4 system integration including ICT, Tactical Data Links, plain/secure voice and data comms systems
  • Platform integration of systems for Aircraft, Submarines and Surface Ships
  • ICT architecture, design, installation and test services
  • Cybersecurity assessment and test services
  • RF System Visualisation, Modelling and Analytics
  • Complex Program and Project EVM based delivery
  • Training program and ongoing support services


  • We deliver solutions to critical challenges.
  • Expert capability in design, development and integration of complex networked systems
  • International experience in Electronic Warfare, RED/BLACK design, test and ICT system accreditation
  • Certified ICT equipment and services partnerships
  • In-house R&D for Cybersecurity and Data Visualisation
  • Defence cleared and ITAR experienced staff
  • Consulting and labour hire services

Key Partners

  • VoTech System Engineers and Developers

Key Customers

  • Department of Defence (CASG,CIOG)
  • Telstra

Quality Approvals & Awards

  • ISO 9001 Certified