800 Blackburn Road, Clayton, VIC 3168

Legal Name: ANSTO

ABN: 47 956 969 590

Tel: +61 3 9717 3111


Primary Contact

Dr David Cookson,Commercial Technical Consultant

Tel: +61 3 8540 4101

Mobile: +61 (0) 434 073 049


  • Characterization of complex engineering materials (composites, metal alloys, ceramics and polymers)
  • Elemental and chemical mapping of complex surfaces and coatings with micron length scale resolution
  • Three dimensional imaging of complex natural (organic/inorganic) and artificial objects with x-rays or neutrons
  • Strain-mapping and characterization of critical engineering components and weld performance
  • High-sensitivity measurement of stable and radioactive isotopes for determining materials provenance
  • Unique systems for detecting natural or man-made radioactivity in complex operational environments
  • Engineering expertise for critical environments (such as nuclear facilities) with high safety factors
  • Computational modelling and simulation for extreme materials conditions (eg. ballistics and armour performance)


  • ANSTO is sole owner and operator of unique landmark research infrastructure in Australia (Victoria and NSW)
  • ANSTO facilities are highly utilized by most Australian universities and government-funded research institutes
  • ANSTO is home to hundreds of highly-trained scientists, engineers and technicians with a wide range of expertise
  • High engagement with external peer-reviewed science ensures best practice in our research and technology
  • ANSTO facilities can be accessed by industry on a collaborative basis or simply fee for service
  • All commercial interactions are covered by contract and non-disclosure agreements

Key Partners

  • Defence Science and Technology
  • Australian Universities

Key Customers

  • Defence Science and Technology
  • Australian Universities
  • Domestic and international companies

Quality Approvals & Awards

  • ISO 9001 (Australian Synchrotron)